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Jett Breedlove

Founder of Love & Danger | Love & Danger Co-Host

Favorite Meal:

Catfish, friend potatoes, bbq beans with a Mexican Coke

Favorite Actor & Movie:

Huge Nicolas Cage fan. As for my favorite movie, I could watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on repeat forever! An absolutely incredible movie!

Favorite Food:

The "old me" would have said pizza. But, then I discovered New Orleans! Give me grilled oysters, catfish, and a hurricane, please! 

Birth Month & Sign:

October, Libra


A Bit About Jett

The powerhouse rocker of the Pacific Northwest, Jett Breedlove was born in October of 1991, in Newport, Arkansas, and found her calling for music around the young age of 4 when her family gave her her first guitar. In her teens, she joined the band ‘Splitt’ in Ohio, circa 2008. Performing all over including her favorite venue, the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio.

After moving to Seattle, Washington in 2012, she subsequently worked as a pin-up model, photographer, and local performer, concurrently leading to her role as a National Mentor at KWCUSA. Finding success with her 2014 self-titled album debut, not only launched Jett to new prominence within the Seattle music industry, but also allowed her to try her hand at learning the bass (most notably with the bands Cherry Boy and Sun Mother).

Within the last few years, Jett has operated her own business and has successfully earned multiple degrees in Business Administration and Data Analytics. She also writes and produces her own music with the help of her friends. And, in her spare time, finds solace gardening, playing guitar, bass, or listening to music.

Since her days with KWCUSA, Jett also enjoys training other performers for them to be the best version of themselves. Renowned for her performances as Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Miranda Lambert, and Courtney Love; Jett specializes in rock, grunge, blues, and country.

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