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Episode 1 Recap

We finally did it! We finally filmed, edited, and posted our first episode! I know, I know, it tooks us long enough, right? But, we actually did it! And, hey, all good things are worth the wait, and I hope this episode was worth it!

In our first episode, Carrie does a crazy good Christopher Walken impersonation, we answer a bunch of questions submitted by a bunch of people, and we discuss what our goals are for Love and Danger Studios.

On this blog, Carrie and I (Jett) will be going a little more in depth with things discussed on the episode, and post things maybe we forgot to mention, could not mention, or just didn't have enough time to deeply discuss.

We appreciate all of your support and for all the encouragement the past few months as we created a website, and built this whole podcast up from the random idea I had last holiday season! We love you guys and can't wait to see what more this podcast will bring to all of us ❤️

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