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What's Your Relationship Deal Breakers?

We went to our social media platforms and asked you: what are your relationship deal breakers? And, boy, did you guys no disappoint! Here are the deal breakers you posted and what we will be featuring on episode 9 and 10!!!

1. He's sweet, caring, handsome, and loving.... but he eats like a damn pig eating out of a trough.

2. She’s a 10/10..... but she’s calling a cab while he’s having a smoke and she’s taking a drag now they’re going to bed and my stomach is sick and it’s all in my head but she’s touching his chest now he takes off her dress now let me go.

3. She is perfect for me in every single way, but she goes to Starbucks every day.

4. He's an absolute ten..... but.... he puts his milk in before his cereal and wears socks with flip-flops

5. She is amazing in every way... but she constantly asks you if you’d still love her if she was a worm.

6. I have a type.... and it's a musician. If you are not a musician, then it is a turn-off for me. I can accept it as i have dated non-musicians before. But, one time, I had a s.o. that didn't know what an orchestra was .... he also didn't know who Michael Jackson, Danzig, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, or even Paul McCartney was. I can accept not being super into music but come the fuck on. Deal breaker

7. Dealbreaker for me is when they lack self-awareness. If you can't read a room or are blind to different perspectives and don't consider how you can impact the lives of others, then it's not going to work between us. At best, it's embarrassing and, at worst, it is completely offensive.

8. He is sweet and caring.... but god forbid I ask him to hold my purse to while I'm tying my shoes or something. He gets uncomfortable by holding something 'feminine' and it's a dealbreaker for me.

9. When they are great with a computer and tech stuff but absolutely incapable of fixing things around the house. Whether it is putting furniture together or hanging lamps on a ceiling. I can do it myself, but I feel way better if they know how to use tools, fix and build things.

10. A significant other who pronounces “jalapeño” as “ja-lap-en-o”...

11. Deal breaker: He’s nice and sweet, but he wants to stop dating because you’re not a permanent resident of the United States and is happy to continue dating after you immigrate fully somehow.

12. She’s a complete smoke show, has her own money, several advanced degrees, loves my kids, thinks I’m hilarious, a freak in the sheets, has a Ghoulardi t shirt, loves music BUT…she drives a P T Cruiser. I’m out.

13. She's perfect. Balances work and personal life with such proficiency. She's so good at cooking that restaurants become obsolete. Great with your kids and never raises her voice. Handles disagreements maturely and even allows me to have my own space whenever it appears I need it. She can read my mind and just knows what mood I'm in, horny, hungry, lonely, etc and perfectly adapts to any condition. But.... She won't stop talking about how the election was stolen and showing me photos of her at the capital on Jan. 6.

14. He refuses to wear socks with sneakers.

15. Always wants to pop your pimples.

16. She’s got a winning lottery ticket in one hand and a can of cool whip in the other. Granny panties under yoga pants and I’m out.

17. if they don't like Dave Matthews Band, it's a no-go!

18. Socks and slides, it's just lazy.

19. If I can see or hear the food you're eating, I'm over you.

20. Being financially dependent on me is an issue.

21. Not crying when Eleanor gets crushed in Gone in 60 Seconds.

22. Pop country, tractor rap, stadium country

23. Bathing is HUGE. If their hair or skin feels like a 5th wheel plate, that's just gross.

24. Acting entitled.

25. if you can't tell me I'm amazing daily then I see no point.

26. Poor Grammar, lack of punctuality

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